• ENDLESS MACHINE slices the 50m or 60m urethane foam block and winds the sheet into a roll
  • Mainly it is good for car interior, shoes material, and furniture industry.
  • Density : Less than 100kg/m³
  • 1) High-quality type, 2) Low-price type
Flexible Foam High Density Foam Rigid Foam EVA Foam Memory Foam

Specification of Machine

Working Speed Max. 180m/min (Low-price type : 120m/min)
Tolerance ±0.1mm
Cutting Thickness 2~50mm
Block Size Max. 2400W x 1200H x 50m(,60m)L
Operation Panel Touch Screen
Operation System Min. Window7
Servo Motor Control Nip Roller Drive
Head up-down
Winder Roller
Winder up-down
Total Power 87.75 kw
Automatic Cross Cutting and Side Trimming System
Knife Grinding and Dust Collector
Table Vacuum System
Option Automatic Roll Lift and Down System
Automatic up-down Working Table
Automatic Counting and Label Printing System